Nothing Great Happens IF Your Hiding Under The Bed!

When I first started my business I remember all I wanted was for someone to give me a chance, I wanted to be able to prove to the world and myself that I was capable.  I could start a business, grow it and make it successful.  I saw the glitz and glam of starting a business; the money, independence and growth potential.  I never realized or thought of the negative aspects such as naysayers and negative people who would try to hurt my business.   When this first happened to me I wanted to crawl under a bed and hide from everything but I realized that my problem wasn’t going to go anywhere if I was busy hiding from it.  It’s all about perception, when I first had client issues I took it as an attack.  In reality it wasn’t an attack instead it was a lesson.  I’ve come to realize that whenever something negative happens I have to take a step back, listen and meditate.  Crying is not an option, my negative situations become my opportunity to become creative and learn something new about myself and business.  See, what has changed for me is my perception, I’m learning that becoming great has a lot of learning experiences, some are going to be uncomfortable.   As humans we don’t like the idea of being uncomfortable and we don’t like others with negative perceptions of us but that is exactly what we need occasionally, we need the candle lit under up butts to get us moving.  I encourage each of my readers to embrace the negative and uncomfortableness, to find ways to overcome it with our creativity and to never throw in the towel just because it’s difficult.  It's difficulty probably means it's worth it! 

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