Make It Better Than Ever

Make it better than ever - I want to make my business better, each day I learn something new about myself and what it takes to run a successful business.  Sometimes it’s a hard pill to swallow; seeing where you went wrong, admitting that you’re not perfect and even sometimes having to apologize.   Making it better also means saying “NO” No to those who would try and take advantage, those who would threaten and most importantly to the fear of saying no.   I walk away this month feeling very empowered and relieved – I came into this month with a lot on my shoulders but because I was determined to make it better, I can honestly say that the weight is lifted and I’ve gained a new insight on what I need to do as a mompreneur and entrepreneur to succeed and become the best I can be. 

Passion First - The Rest Will Follow

I learned this some time ago that if you focus on your craft and do something from your heart the money will follow.  I sometimes wished that they would also add to that – Saying, you’ve also got to have patience because nothing happens right away! As entrepreneurs first starting out we get so caught up; we’re trying to survive and make money.  Sometimes we forget that we have to put our passion and service first.  I can tell you first hand that starting a business cold turkey is no joke!  It takes a lot to wake up each morning and continue to push forward despite the bank account balance.  Regardless of this we push forward; we focus on our services and become better at what we do.  I can honestly say that doing this has kept me focused and committed to my goals and passion.  Money comes and goes the key is to understand that there will be great and not so great months; that we learn in the valleys so that we can sparkle on the mountain top of success.  I truly do believe that if we focus on the service that we will run a faster and more successful race.  

Courage & Faith

Mentally drained and overwhelmed, making the best of the situations and fires.  Some of the blame is ours; some of it has nothing to do with us but has potential to affect us in a major way! How do you pick yourself up from the drain of the week and keep it moving?  Do you take a break and reconvene on Monday morning?  Do you throw in the towel and turn off your phone?  OR Do you continue to work, despite the feeling of wanting to run and cry.   Courage and faith, we must rely on our courage that is deep within us and our faith in God.   There has to be a brighter day, did he bring us this far to abandon us and feed us to the wolves?  Are we that far gone?  What is courage?  What is faith?  How do we know we have it - I’ve come to the conclusion that we know that we have it by the mental, physical and emotional tests we pass and fail.  Our courage is tested and our faith is tried.  God really wants to know if we believe all the things that we say we believe.  Do you believe that you can run a successful business?  Are you in it for the long run, no matter what?  Can you take the criticism and negativity, will you still be here?  Do you have the courage to forgive yourself in your mistakes and really/truly move on?   As a mompreneur and entrepreneurs with a few years in business, I find these questions ever present.  I look to my courage and pray for my continued faith in God and I continue to work, even though it is sometimes difficult to see the end of the rainbow.  Even though things may seem crazy at times; I do know that I must be ready and I must continue to move forward and that quitting is not an option.

Learning From My Mistakes

I've beating myself up many times when it comes to making a mistake.  I would take it hard and get so emotional about the mistake made.  I've even pondered and ponder on it to the point where I would need to take the entire day off. As I go through my entrepreneur journey I am learning that mistakes are to be learned from.  I'm learning that once I've made a mistake and I realize it, my next step is to figure out how to make it better so that it won't happen again; moreover, I'm learning that I cannot take it personally and beat myself up to much about it.  Sometimes we say to ourselves, "I've worked so hard"  or "I really did try" that maybe true nevertheless we must not view our efforts as a lost cause instead we have to learn to channel our energy in the right direction so that our efforts do not feel lost or not appreciated.  It's all a learning process, this week I want to encourage you to learn from your mistakes and not to beat yourself up to much about it! CG