Nothing Will Happen Unless YOU Make it!

I learned a lot of lessons when I first begun my business, one of the most important lessons was that nothing was going to happen unless I got up and made it happen.  Sitting at home staring at the computer waiting for an email to come in or the phone to ring was not the way to gain business but making an effort to network and meet with others would be a way to begin.  I see many mompreneurs and entrepreneurs expecting everything to happen just by them sitting in front of the computer all day.  Don’t get me wrong there is business and money to be made online but I’ve found that the best ideas, clients and opportunities came for me when I was out and about networking and making an effort to meet and learn more about people and my environment. Some days It’s important to lock yourself away and plug into whatever you’re doing on the computer. Those are focus moments; however, you’ve got to get out!  It’s important to make an effort to break out for the day and touch the world.  Let everyone know that you’re here, let them see that you’re not a drone behind the computer; instead you’re real and ready to do business.  Try it and let me know how it works for you. CG

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