Finding My Happy Spot

Let’s face it -Shit happens.  We can spin our wheels trying to figure out why it happened or we can choose to move on.  Everything in life has challenges and I’ve come to believe that anything worth having in life is not always going to be easy.  Reflecting on my life experiences I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends.  They are my gems that I keep close to me – my precious gems.   It’s because of them that I was able to keep going when at times I wanted to stop – some of them wouldn’t let me stop.  It’s laughable now but I’ll never forget those moments talking with my friend in Korea or having drinks at the spare of the moment with my girls just because.  I’ll never forget the kind words of my mother and the hugs of my son when he could see that I was having a moment.  Those moments make it all worth it and keep me going.   In this life we have to find our happy spot and stay there for as long as possible, more over we have to cherish those who aid in our happiness and balance.  My happy spot is with my family and friends.  

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