Your Not Going To Get Far If Your Not Following Up - I Promise..

I remember my days as a MaryKay consultant.  Yes, I was a MaryKay consultant.  I learned so much from the nationals and directors. The one thing that stuck with me to this day is, the term follow up.  Back then, I was not the best sales consultant.  As I reflect on those days I now understand what was meant when the directors said, “the key to being successful in the business was to be consistent in following up.”  The reason I disliked following up was, I was afraid. I would tell myself, “What if she hangs up on you?” OR “What if she says no”? Granted these things can happen at times.  That leads me to another important lesson I learned in MaryKay that “No” means “NEXT”. Do not get hung up on someone saying NO! But getting back to my point, following up has been one of the main reasons I have gotten so far.   Was I afraid? Definitely. Was I nervous? Absolutely, but I did it anyway.  I picked up the phone and said, “Hi, this is Cemone with OOBW, we’re touching bases with you to make sure you received our email with the details you requested as well as answers to your questions,”. Sometimes it worked, other times people just hang up and to be quite honest I am OK with it.  When that happens, I say to myself, “She is not an Out of Box bride” OR “They’re not for me”.  What I have come to realize is that, not everything in business is going to be comfortable and sometimes we have to work through our fears.  Rejection helps to take you to the next level.  For me following up was a fear because I did not want to be rejected. I wanted my business to be successful, but, I was afraid to pick up the phone and speak to a complete stranger. Today, I am not afraid, it is a part of my business.  I realize the difference between having a new client or going out of business.   Today those fears have become triumphs. What’s holding you back in your business? What do you fear? Today I challenge you all to do more of what you fear until it’s no longer a factor. 

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