Five Habits I Adopted In The Beginning Of My Business:

Consistency is key I had to work at it (my business) in a consistent manner.  I knew that if I was to be successful I couldn’t start something today and never look at it again until the following month. I was on a mission to figure out and understand my formula.

I became my number one fan; unfortunately not everyone I met was in support of what I was doing.  I held my vision in front of me at all times.  If no one told me I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was awesome.

I exercised the law of delayed gratification; I wanted to go shopping many times; however, I made up my mind that any earnings I received would be reinvested back into my business.  I saved and reinvested.  I do think that it’s a work in progress especially if you haven’t been taught the laws of money; FYI I’m still learning.

It was easy to sit around and do nothing all day.  I wanted and needed energy; energy is everything.  I made sure to meet and communicate with those who were excited and ready to hustle.  We encouraged and supported each other, to this very day. 

Read, Read, Read! I never liked reading , at the same time I never liked the idea of being broke.  It was important from me to read all the greats, I pulled bits and pieces from each of them and I applied it to my life and business.  I’m also a fan of re –reading books.  To this day I read every morning, it’s a great habit to develop. 

It’s Not Impossible But We Must Keep At It!

Investing back into your business is the best advice I can ever give.  When I began my entrepreneur journey as a Mary Kay consultant it was advised to me that I reinvest into my business, of everything I earned I was to pump a portion of it back into my business.  I was to pay myself, save and reinvest.  This is easier said than done; it requires discipline and practice every day.  It’s not impossible but we must keep at it!  I’m reading “The Richest Man in Babylon.”  This book puts it all in perspective, wanting to grow your business is one thing but we must practice better money habits.  Unfortunately, these are details that should be taught in grade school but it isn’t.   We’d be miles ahead had we only known.  Nevertheless, as we advance ourselves in our businesses, there is no excuse.  If we follow the principles of paying ourselves first, save and reinvest.  According to the “The Richest Man in Babylon” we’ll begin to see growth in our purses.  I’m personally committed to learning how to better control my life and finances – Are you game?

Cemones' Interview: My Entrepreneur & Wedding Planning Experience

Happy Friday! Being an entrepreneur has it's share of us and downs.  Everything is not always what it's cracked up to be.  We make mistakes as business owners and sometimes it's difficult getting over that little hump.  Reflecting on my early experiences as a entrepreneur my first interview comes to mind.  Take a listen, although you may not be in the weddings and events industry there is something that can be learned.

What Are You Doing To Maintain Your WHY?

Keeping my WHY in front of me has become my new mission, why am I doing this?  Why did I start OOBW?  Why?  Why do I want to be in business? I’m beginning to learn that understanding our WHY is so important to the success of our business.  Knowing the WHY keeps you going through good and bad times.  Having a strong WHY is equally as important.  What happens if your WHY is not strong enough?  Will you quit? Will staying positive and hopeful become difficult?  Steps I’m personally taking to maintain my WHY are… I’m digging deep, evaluating what’s most important to me, not just the things that I want to have instead I’m acknowledging WHY those things/ people are important to me.  I’m sharing my experiences both positive and negative this helps me to release any negative energy – It’s a breath of fresh air – not in a negative way instead I’m opening the door for a new and refreshing emotions.  I’m learning patience, nothing happens over night and my commitment is required, I must prove myself to the universe.  Most importantly I’m keeping my vision and affirmation in front of me every day.  What are you doing to maintain you WHY?