Top Two Services I Used When Starting My Business



     As a single mompreneur it’s all about keeping more in my purse.  You’ll hear me mention how I learned a lot about how to manage my business through the school of hard knocks.  I made tons of mistakes.  It’s laughable now but wasn’t when I was losing money left and right.  In the beginning you’ll get tons of emails, phone calls and junk mail trying to sell you something.  Take a step back and really think about it – Don’t jump at everything that comes at you and offers a free 30 day trial.  This week I’m sharing my top two services that I used that helped me in the beginning and to this day are in use.

                Mail Chimp – If you don’t know what this is you are missing out.  Mail Chimp can be used for many things; I personally use it for sending out email reminders to my potential clients and current clients.  I use the schedule tool constantly.  I’d create my content on the weekends and schedule it to go out throughout the week.  Good news is I didn’t have to be in front of my computer to make it happen.  It’s a onetime set up each week.  Once I had my systems in place it was easy for me to teach an intern how to use it; now it’s the interns’ job to schedule some of our content.  The best part is Mail Chimp is free if you have less than 2K emails on your list.  I’m sorry but you can’t beat that with a stick!

                Google Drive - The lover of my soul, I’m so in Love with DRIVE.  I have friends who swear by Drop Box and I guess it’s good, however; DRIVE is awesome!  First; it’s FREE, It syncs with my phone, computer, IPAD and I always have my documents at the tip of my fingers; most importantly, it’s shareable.  This platform was so important in the beginning stages of starting my business and to this day it has grown with my business.  I could go on and on about DRIVE but I’d rather you try it and tell me all about it.

Did you find this helpful? Tell me, I’ll be sharing more goodies very soon!

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