I'm Walking Over " Negative Nancy"

This is probably one of the most difficult things that I’ve experienced in my business, Overcoming my own negative voice.  As I grow in my business I am learning the art of speaking positively about myself and abilities.  It starts with eliminating words such as; I wish, maybe, we shall see, I’ll try, and the big one If I’m lucky.  Where did these thoughts of disbelief come from? How is it that I’m my own worse critic?  I’m sure it started somewhere in my childhood and years and years of reinforcement helped and confirmed the negative attitude and thoughts of myself.  Starting OOBW was a huge leap for me, deep down I knew I could do it and I wanted to do it, I was just afraid to.  What was I afraid of? To this day I can’t tell you exactly – only that I felt an anxiety whenever I thought about starting my own business.  I did it anyway – despite the fear. I took deep breaths made my list of things to do and crossed each task off one by one as I accomplished them.  Yes, the little negative voice would always appear and have a tip or two to give, nevertheless; I ignored her and kept on moving.  As I had little successes here and there the voice had no choice but to become silent.  I was proving her wrong by doing it anyway.  From time to time to this day the voice appears and it’s usually when I’m trying something new. Anyone out there who has experienced this will tell you to keep going and do it despite that little annoying “Negative Nancy”.  It’s true the saying “Life is on the other side of fear” Learning to move past my fear of starting my business has been life changing – What if I did listen to that voice; I don’t want to even imagine where I’d be today! What are some of the words you use to hold yourself back? 

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