Five Habits I Adopted In The Beginning Of My Business:

Consistency is key I had to work at it (my business) in a consistent manner.  I knew that if I was to be successful I couldn’t start something today and never look at it again until the following month. I was on a mission to figure out and understand my formula.

I became my number one fan; unfortunately not everyone I met was in support of what I was doing.  I held my vision in front of me at all times.  If no one told me I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was awesome.

I exercised the law of delayed gratification; I wanted to go shopping many times; however, I made up my mind that any earnings I received would be reinvested back into my business.  I saved and reinvested.  I do think that it’s a work in progress especially if you haven’t been taught the laws of money; FYI I’m still learning.

It was easy to sit around and do nothing all day.  I wanted and needed energy; energy is everything.  I made sure to meet and communicate with those who were excited and ready to hustle.  We encouraged and supported each other, to this very day. 

Read, Read, Read! I never liked reading , at the same time I never liked the idea of being broke.  It was important from me to read all the greats, I pulled bits and pieces from each of them and I applied it to my life and business.  I’m also a fan of re –reading books.  To this day I read every morning, it’s a great habit to develop. 

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