It’s Not Impossible But We Must Keep At It!

Investing back into your business is the best advice I can ever give.  When I began my entrepreneur journey as a Mary Kay consultant it was advised to me that I reinvest into my business, of everything I earned I was to pump a portion of it back into my business.  I was to pay myself, save and reinvest.  This is easier said than done; it requires discipline and practice every day.  It’s not impossible but we must keep at it!  I’m reading “The Richest Man in Babylon.”  This book puts it all in perspective, wanting to grow your business is one thing but we must practice better money habits.  Unfortunately, these are details that should be taught in grade school but it isn’t.   We’d be miles ahead had we only known.  Nevertheless, as we advance ourselves in our businesses, there is no excuse.  If we follow the principles of paying ourselves first, save and reinvest.  According to the “The Richest Man in Babylon” we’ll begin to see growth in our purses.  I’m personally committed to learning how to better control my life and finances – Are you game?

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