What Are You Doing To Maintain Your WHY?

Keeping my WHY in front of me has become my new mission, why am I doing this?  Why did I start OOBW?  Why?  Why do I want to be in business? I’m beginning to learn that understanding our WHY is so important to the success of our business.  Knowing the WHY keeps you going through good and bad times.  Having a strong WHY is equally as important.  What happens if your WHY is not strong enough?  Will you quit? Will staying positive and hopeful become difficult?  Steps I’m personally taking to maintain my WHY are… I’m digging deep, evaluating what’s most important to me, not just the things that I want to have instead I’m acknowledging WHY those things/ people are important to me.  I’m sharing my experiences both positive and negative this helps me to release any negative energy – It’s a breath of fresh air – not in a negative way instead I’m opening the door for a new and refreshing emotions.  I’m learning patience, nothing happens over night and my commitment is required, I must prove myself to the universe.  Most importantly I’m keeping my vision and affirmation in front of me every day.  What are you doing to maintain you WHY?

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