Steps To Reaching A Goal

We’re mid -way through the year, it’s amazing how time flies.  Are you on track for accomplishing your goals?  Have you added new goals?  Or Have you forgotten the goals written on the notepad from earlier in the year?  As a single mom running a business having goals is a part of everything I do.  I have goals for myself, family and business.  Sometimes I’m on point and other times I’m not; but I keep at it. There is a strategy to reaching and accomplishing goals, as I go through my entrepreneurial journey i’m learning and applying these strategies.   This week i’ll share with you my top three strategies I've learned so far.

Be realistic with yourself: Let’s say your goal is to sell 100K by the end of the year; however, you’ve never even sold 10K.  That’s not realistic, you can sell 100K however; you have to build to this nothing happens overnight.

Set small goals: Set small goals that lead to the big goal. Little accomplishments will boost and keep you excited. Small wins will help to reach the big goal, don’t forget to celebrate your wins, it’s important to do this, it helps to keep you focused and excited.

Tracking:  You want to make sure you’re tracking everything you do, keep a log or journal.  It’s important to log your wins and losses.  Go back to your log and see what you can pull out of it, what lessons you can learn and reapply. 

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