5 to Dos’ For Every Mompreneur”

All businesses have their challenges.  Running a business and being a single mom is a circus and a juggle.  With back to school shopping at my doorstep I find myself being pulled multiple ways every day! Like any responsible parent I’m making sure my son is set and ready for his new venture into middle school.  I still can't believe it, he's in middle school! Meanwhile, I have to maintain my family, myself, clients,weddings, and everything else in between.  Most days, I'm so happy to finally sit down, put my feet up and have a full glass of wine. My personal key to saying balance and focused is:  finding what works and working the hell out of it!  This week I want to give you my “Five to Dos’ For Every Mompreneur”

Delegate:  Know the difference between non – income and income producing activities.  You don’t have to do everything.  Don’t be afraid to ask and accept help.

A Good Accountant -- Someone who will help you make decisions to prepare for the growth of your company.  There will come a time when you won’t be able to handle your taxes on your own.  Get in the habit of visiting and meeting with you CPA.

 A Smart Phone –I have a love and hate for my smart phone.  My smart phone helps me stay on track, gives access to my calendar, and clients. It’s great for the on the go and busy mom.

Set aside 10-15 minutes just for you. You're no good to anyone if you're not well rested and focused.  Make it a priority to take a little time for you.  A simple pedicure goes a long way. 

Be 100% Present: I recently learned this lesson, our kids will not always tell us but they want our attention. They want us to listen to them, play with them and even hug them. Take a day or two and just hang out.  It’s worth it!  

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