Passion First - The Rest Will Follow

I learned this some time ago that if you focus on your craft and do something from your heart the money will follow.  I sometimes wished that they would also add to that – Saying, you’ve also got to have patience because nothing happens right away! As entrepreneurs first starting out we get so caught up; we’re trying to survive and make money.  Sometimes we forget that we have to put our passion and service first.  I can tell you first hand that starting a business cold turkey is no joke!  It takes a lot to wake up each morning and continue to push forward despite the bank account balance.  Regardless of this we push forward; we focus on our services and become better at what we do.  I can honestly say that doing this has kept me focused and committed to my goals and passion.  Money comes and goes the key is to understand that there will be great and not so great months; that we learn in the valleys so that we can sparkle on the mountain top of success.  I truly do believe that if we focus on the service that we will run a faster and more successful race.  

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