Learning From My Mistakes

I've beating myself up many times when it comes to making a mistake.  I would take it hard and get so emotional about the mistake made.  I've even pondered and ponder on it to the point where I would need to take the entire day off. As I go through my entrepreneur journey I am learning that mistakes are to be learned from.  I'm learning that once I've made a mistake and I realize it, my next step is to figure out how to make it better so that it won't happen again; moreover, I'm learning that I cannot take it personally and beat myself up to much about it.  Sometimes we say to ourselves, "I've worked so hard"  or "I really did try" that maybe true nevertheless we must not view our efforts as a lost cause instead we have to learn to channel our energy in the right direction so that our efforts do not feel lost or not appreciated.  It's all a learning process, this week I want to encourage you to learn from your mistakes and not to beat yourself up to much about it! CG

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