My Lesson From The Alchemist

One of my favorite books of all time is the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  Once I read this book I was changed forever.  I was inspired and re -inspired by every single page.  I think it's safe to say I've read this book at least 4-5 times and counting.   We get so hung up on people, things and places.  The most valuable lesson I took from this book was to let go.   Just let go; we all know what we have to do, we all have the tools right in front of us.  Just let go!  Let go of all the negative energy, the fears, I can't and I'm not sure and I'm afraid.  Let it go!  In the Alchemist we see a young boy who leaves  all that he knows and is comfortable with in search of his treasure. What he finds on his journey is far more exciting and amazing.  The lessons and the people he encounters all lead him to the ultimate treasure, finding his soul mate and the cherry on top of the cake - his treasure.  Had he been comfortable tending sheep - What a boring book it would be.  Needless to say what I took from this book is this, you'll never know - you'll never know until you let it go.  I wish life came with a manual, unfortunately it doesn't we have to try and fail and try again.  We have to trust and lose in order to win.  We have to walk in love and faith in order to experience all the promises life has for us.  My greatest lesson learned from the Alchemist is to Let go! 

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